The following are frequently asked questions about rehearsals and ceremonies. I recommend sharing the information with your venue reps, planners, or anyone else assisting with the wedding ceremony or rehearsal.



What is the Ceremony Map?

The Ceremony Map is designed to get all possible information that Rev. Scott and you might need for the ceremony, including vendor contacts (musicians and DJ's for example), family names, the Processional and Standing order, etc. This is to help you be sure that everyone is in their proper places at rehearsal. This is also useful for the venue rep or planner who will be coordinating the wedding party's entrance cues and holding/staging prior to the ceremony.

What will Rev. Scott plan for the rehearsal and ceremony?

  • Rev. Scott will be prepared to run your rehearsal along with your venue rep or planner.
  • During the rehearsal, Rev. Scott will:
    • Greet your family and wedding party
    • Give an overview of the ceremony
    • Begin by placing the wedding party up front in their standing order
    • Review the ceremony and it's components, including "how to" offer the rings, exchange rings, when to "pass the bouquet" etc.
    • Practice the recessional
    • Line up your family and wedding party in their Processional order and allow them to practice walking in, seating family, and getting into place (cues will not be handled for your wedding day)
    • If you have a rep or planner who plans on running the rehearsal, please remind them to introduce me at the beginning of the rehearsal so I may introduce myself to your families and wedding party. I would prefer to partner on running the rehearsal.
  • Rev. Scott will be prepared to (of course!) perform your wedding ceremony and ensure your marriage license is properly filed.
  • Rev. Scott will review your standing order, go through ceremony cues, check on ceremony cues with the DJ/musician, and work with your venue rep or planner on their execution of wedding party entrance cues. Note that because Rev. Scott will be upfront during the Processional, he cannot give your wedding party entrance cues. He will assist with recessional cues.
  • Rev. Scott will review the movement of your wedding party starting with the Processional line. He will not facilitate the Processional cues (i.e. when to enter during the ceremony)
  • Rev. Scott will review the recessional order and release of the family and any post-announcements.
  • Rev. Scott will supply copies of your personal vows for the ceremony (if you have included them) as well as a "book" with the readings printed for your readers.
  • Rev. Scott will speak to the wedding party during rehearsal about how to properly stand and escort.

What do I need to plan or organize for the ceremony?

While we will have planned the actual wedding ceremony, and we will have decided together how you would like the processional and standing order to look, you are responsible for:

  • Notifying your venue rep, musician/DJ, photographer. videographer, planner, etc of their separate roles as it relates to the ceremony;
  • Be sure Rev. Scott and whomever is handling the entrance cues (vendor rep, planner) knows what the music cues are, and that the musicians know what the entrance cues are.
  • You will be given visual "cues" for the processional, however, opening and closing doors and non-visual processional cues must be coordinated by someone other than Rev. Scott. He will be at the front waiting for the processional. Most venue reps or planners handle this.
  • You will be responsible for your wedding party getting to rehearsal and the ceremony on time. 
  • You and your venue rep and/or planner will decide where you will be staged prior to the ceremony, and how and when you will be called into line ready for the Processional. (Some DJ's also provide this service),
  • You will need to ensure coordination of ceremony music,
  • You will need to decide where your wedding party will go after you recess out of the ceremony.
  • You are responsible for the execution of the Processional. The processional order will have been decided with Rev. Scott but door/entry cues are your responsibility, but again usually your venue rep or planner has this covered.
  • You will need to notify the venue of any ceremony tables that you need, for example, a table for a Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony.
  • You will need to ensure there is a lapel, lavalier or handheld wireless microphone for Rev. Scott and any readers for the ceremony unless you have decided not to use one.
  • You will need to supply any ceremony component items, for example the "wine box", "unity candle", "knot ceremony" materials, etc.
  • If you do not have a venue rep, planner, friend, or family member to help with door cues, Rev. Scott will be happy to give you recommendations for an additional person which you may hire for this purpose.

What about our marriage license?

  • You will need to secure your wedding license from the state in which you will be married, e.g. if you are getting married in Kentucky you will need a Kentucky license. There are specific requirements for in- and out-of-state residents. See general information here.
  • License bureaus are usually by county and may be obtained 30-60 days prior to your wedding depending on the jurisdiction.
  • You will need to present Rev. Scott with your valid marriage license the day of your wedding.
  • Ohio does not require witnesses but Kentucky does. Check with the license bureau.
  • As the officiant, Rev. Scott is required to retain the executed license (after he marries you!) and will file it with the appropriate court in the days following your ceremony.
  • The license bureau normally mails you your official marriage license once it has been processed.
  • For more information on obtaining a marriage license in Ohio and Kentucky click here.