Apples to Oranges...

When comparing Wedding Officiants and pricing, consider the following:

  • Not all wedding officiants are full-time, professional wedding officiants.
  • Not all wedding officiants know that your ceremony is the reason for the day and that many couples regret choosing the wrong officiant the minute they walk down the aisle.
  • Not all wedding officiants take the time to meet with you to create a personal, customized ceremony. There are a lot of multiple choice "wedding books" out there!
  • Not all wedding officiants went to ministerial school. There are a lot of "universal" ministers with a speedy ordination.
  • Not all wedding officiants plan all of the details for your ceremony, including Processional Order, standing diagrams, and more.
  • Not all officiants take the time to know you--really know you--and ask about spiritual/religious backgrounds, family, family dynamics, your wedding party and...well you get the picture.
  • Not all officiants have a comfortable and friendly office space for personal face-to-face meetings.
  • Not all officiants plan with detail, checking and double-checking the details of your wedding, and pleasantly surprise planners, venue reps, and other wedding professionals with a comprehensive and thorough understanding of who you are and how your ceremony will (beautifully) unfold.
  • Not all wedding officiants are great public speakers, well-versed in many spiritual and secular traditions, and are aware of the latest ceremony trends and "outside the box" components.
  • Not all officiants include a full rehearsal, ceremony revisions, personal vow guidance, fun pre-marital discovery sessions, or fast and easy accessibility.
  • Not all officiants will bring the right mix of tradition, contemporary elements, and levity to your ceremony.
  • Not all officiants book at the same price point and not all officiants offer the same quality and professionalism.

I am not like most officiants, but I am all of these and more! Only ONE officiant has won Best of the Knot every year he has been a professional wedding officiant in Greater Cincinnati.