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I never wanted to be on “The Facebook”, but now several years into it, I have 2000+ friends as a result of ministry connections and a pretty comprehensive timeline of my life ever since. I’m not sure why I hesitated. I think I had to come to terms with “going public” but now that it's out there and I can’t take it back I think it’s a huge relief. Privacy is over and the sooner you just give in and accept that your entire life has gone digital, the sooner you can enjoy joining the ranks of those sharing too much information. I am now binary and have decided my epitaph will read: “010111101000111101011”.

I feel like I am indirectly connected with many people in my life who I had otherwise lost touch with, and I do love seeing stories of kids and grandkids as families grow and life happens. And the pets! It seems there are never enough pictures of our dogs and cats doing cute and funny things, and I am guilty of overexposing my two dogs in a very well documented first year of puppyhood.

I try not to politic, but sometimes I can’t help it. The worst part of social media is the disconnect between the head and heart. I am amazed at the ignorance and hatred that is spewed across the pages of the internet.

“I hate Senator Sitzonhisass!” [POST]

“My neighbor doesn’t shovel his damn sidewalks!” [POST]

“Lions and Tigers and Gays! Oh my!" {POST]

I have also taken so many quizzes which purportedly tell me in what city I should live, what my elf name is, what era in history I should have been born into, and so on.

So far I am a Renaissance Parisian who should be a working as a toymaker and my elf name is Twinkle Frostytoes. I was also am an introverted woman who practiced witchcraft in a past life AND I apparently love acid rock and prefer to wear purple clothing. Who knew?

The best part is that I find myself excitedly posting these ridiculous results, and like any good horoscope, it somehow sounds JUST LIKE ME at that moment. I think I just like the idea that I belong somewhere.

I’m not sure any of it is a remedy for loneliness or self-esteem issues, but I’m glad I know that the first words I that I see in that jumble of letters are “HANDSOME”, “TOLERANT” and “CHARTREUSE.”