“The Light from Around the World” / by scottdemarco@msn.com

Happy Winter Solstice!

This holiday season, we celebrate the coming of the Christ Light, that Divine Light within that so shines for all the world to see. But we also honor the traditions of light around the world, and its importance on this planet from the very earliest of human existence.

We know that the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, that with the least visible light. This shift in the position of the sun and the earth signifies our own shift-- the dawning of a new awareness--a turning toward the Light.

In the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas we resolve to celebrate the Light of all of our brothers and sisters around the world—the Light into Love that is our true nature, our Divine Self.

The feast of “midwinter” is celebrated from people to people, culture to culture, in festivals, holidays, rituals and gatherings marking the rebirth of each of us into a new way of Being.

The re-emergence of Amaratas the sun goddess of Japanese mythology;

The festival of Bacchus from the ancient Romans and Donghzi, the sacred festival of China, are each a unique and special celebration of the Christ Light;

The “festival of lights,” or Hanukah, the observance of light in the native Jewish faith of Jesus, also marks the beauty and majesty of the Light.

The coming of lighter days, the warming of our earth, and the blessings of Divine Light are also seen in the Hindu festival of the Makara Sankrati. The Perchta, the ritual of the early Norse peoples, celebrated Hertha, the goddess of light, domesticity and the home.

The festival of Cronus of the ancient Greeks, the Yule of the Viking age. The early Romans' Sol Invictus, or "conquering of the Sun," dates back centuries.

The Yule of the Wiccans, and the Seva Zistane or middle eastern “night of winter” demonstrate the importance of the Light—that inner essence, that spiritual illumination, that brightening and lifting of the innate divine human Spirit.

As we celebrate the Christ Light this season, let us extend our Light beyond our home, beyond our town and beyond our country. Let us extend our Love, the expression of that Light, around the world.

We proclaim!

We exclaim!

And we know...

Peace on Earth and good will to all humankind...each one a Light from around the world.