Experiencing Ease When Planning Your Wedding / by SCOTT DEMARCO

Did you know that it takes a couple on average 250 to 400 hours to plan their wedding? Depending upon how much time you spend planning each day, that's the equivalent of working at a full-time job for 6-10 weeks! Amazing, isn’t it? Between work, school, family, and everything else life throws at you, it can be challenging to find the necessary time to plan.

There is, however, a big payoff for this time investment. It can make for a much more meaningful event, not only for your friends and family, but also for you and your fiancé. It can even make the day more fun. And, adding a personal touch(s) to your special day can make the difference between a cookie-cutter wedding and one that is charming and expressive.

If you can easily add these personal touches, then go for it! Otherwise, less is more when it comes to peace of mind and experiencing ease when planning your wedding.

The word ease is defined as “Freedom from Concern and Anxiety and Freedom from Difficulty or Great Effort.” Here is a list of questions to ask yourself to promote greater ease in planning your wedding:

Is it necessary for me to accomplish this particular task now or later?

  • Can I delegate this task to someone in the Wedding Party? 
  • Do I really love this idea or am I doing it because I think “I am supposed to…”?
  • Is this what I really want to do or am I doing it because I think “I have to…”?
  • Does purchasing this item bring me great joy and happiness or can I do without it?
  • How much do I really want to personalize my ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception?
  • How can I experience more ease and peace in my wedding planning process?

You may be surprised at the answers you come up with for these questions. Whatever decisions you make, I encourage you to “take it slow” and enjoy the process of being married!

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This Wedding Tip was written by:

Rev. Dr. Janine H. Burns, Interfaith Chaplain