MY wedding officiant rate

Why is my quote $450-700 for wedding officiant services? Here is a breakdown of costs and expenses to help you to understand that what  I offer is far more than a "30 minute ceremony". Also, this may be of assistance in understanding why my rate may differ. In the end you are getting a professional, highly-rated and recommended professional minister officiant. I have no hidden costs or add-on fees and maintain the highest degree of professionalism, personal contact, flexibility, and accessibility.

As a professional Wedding Officiant, I differ from other "part-time" officiants in several ways:

  • My professional expenses and administrative costs average of $225 per client for professional expenses (in the words, "overhead")
  • My time is substantial, and this is my primary profession. The total allocated hours average 10 per client which are at a (fairly low) professional rate of $75. This rate is as a fully trained, ordained, full-time minister. I attended ministerial school (graduate studies) and am not an "online ordinee" meaning I am a "real" minister. My time breakdowns include:
    • 5+ hours in personal meetings with my clients including:
      • An initial consultation (30 minutes)
      • A Wedding Ceremony Consultation (1 hour)
      • Pre-Marital Discovery (3 hours)
      • Final Review Meeting/Tie-down details (1 hour)
    • 2 hours on Customized Ceremony Writing and Preparation
    • 1 hour on correspondence, planning and administration
    • 2 hours for Rehearsal and the Wedding Day
    • or and average of $750 per client for real-time
  • What does that mean? That my cost per client given the professional + time allocated costs above are approximately $975 per client. I discount this to an average of $550 as this is now my ministry,

Consider in the end that this is your wedding ceremony, the reason for the day. 

Across the board it is among the lowest vendor expenses you will have, and  it is spent on what I think is the most important portion of your day. You may find a lower rate, and my answer to that is "if you're getting something less then odds are, you're getting something less."

Also, please note the average rate nationwide for a Professional Wedding Officiant is $600 so I'm pretty "average" in price but above average (rated the best by key wedding services and venues) in my services, I know that most of my clients are thrilled they made the decision to hire me, and I'm sure you will be as well.

Please note that these rates are used in any calculations for cancellation of services. Any time "used" in planning, sessions, etc are billed against your deposit/refund amount.

Thanks for taking the time to understand the breakdown!