Scott is a lauded as a dynamic and engaging public speaker who brings wisdom and humor to various topics. Please check out the sample topic areas below and contact him at for more information.


 Perfect for churches, not-for-profits or organizations interested in fundraising, this talk directly and gently addresses the topic that many leaders, boards, or directors don’t like to talk about—money! This talk is tailor-made to fit your organizations needs and will give your efforts the boost it needs to thrive and grow with your membership.


 A top-of-mind and relevant topic for many areas, this talk provokes contemplation, fosters understanding, and provides comfort to those struggling with the issues surrounding homosexuality, religion, same-sex marriage, and conflicts in societal predisposition. It seeks to debunk common misconceptions and judgments, which can cloud relationships and break down the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of men and women on both sides of the issue. This is an ideal talk for churches and organizations that seek to find ways to open the door to acceptance with compassion and understanding. Title and content may be adapted for any spiritual or secular environment.


 Adaptable for business or organization teams, members, boards, or individuals, this lively presentation is sure fuel ambition, action and achievement. Practical yet humorous, this will engage your crowd and your mission and leave you energized to do more than you thought you could!


 Conflict resolution and organization deadlock plagues teams and organizations of all types. How do you find a way out? What new skills can everyone bring to the table to jumpstart communication and get everyone back on track and on the road to success? Full of practical methods to inspire and effect active communication, this talk will leave the audience talking.


Is there something specific that your group needs to hear? Often using someone from outside your organization is the best way to break through. Scott is able to not only address your needs by public speaking but he is also to workshop those needs into momentum. This can be a single- or multi-session process and is perfect for retreats, in-house team building, or group process/training.