Requests for dates are numerous, and since there is only "one of me" (unlike a DJ or photography company, for example) I am quoting for a specific date and time. Because of this you have a complimentary hold for your wedding date during which time no other couple may book the date.

In cases where one or more quotes have been previously submitted, you are notified of that on your quote heading. This means that couples who have also received quotes for your wedding date are notified of your hold period when I send your quote. 

So how does that affect you? Often a couple with a previous quote who has been notified of your complimentary hold will book immediately once your complimentary hold expires.

The hold period and any notation of previous quote(s) is for your information and is not meant as a sales tactic or to pressure you. In the end, virtually all dates book for me, and the process is designed to give every couple a dedicated period for booking once a quote is submitted.

If you need a hold extension, I can sometimes accommodate in cases where other couples aren't waiting. Please feel free to ask if you need an extended hold.

If you have a quote hold that expired, just check back in with me for availability--text is easiest but email works as well.

One additional way a complimentary hold may affect you is my time off. Every once in a while I take a vacation, and if a complimentary hold expires I may close the date for family time. 

Text/Phone 513-800-1291