All of the following are included in your quoted price unless specified otherwise in our Agreement.

Initial Consultation.  We will meet to get acquainted and review how we will plan and create your wedding ceremony.

The Timeline. After booking you will receive a timeline with the steps for our working together to create your ceremony. This will be your "go-to" for all things ceremony planning.

The Intake. After you have booked you will complete an intake which will give me more detail on things like:

  • Your wedding party names and roles

  • Guest instructions and seating

  • Family members participating and the Processional

  • The Pronouncement

  • Venue contact

Wedding Component Review. This short online survey which you will (hopefully) complete as a couple will give me an idea as to what ceremony components you might like to include, as well as give me a general idea of the “feel” of the ceremony. It gives me insight into the type of language, warmth, color, tone, and levity.

Wedding Ceremony Consultation. This meeting and our other email, phone, text, Facetime/Skype conversations will be the time we spend together so that we may:

  • Get to know each other more in-depth so that I can personalize your ceremony to truly reflect you as a couple.

  • Discuss your families and their religious or spiritual backgrounds, your religious or spiritual backgrounds, and how you’d like that reflected in your ceremony

  • Explore ceremony components like a unity candle, wine box, God Knot, etc

  • Discuss readings, personal vows, and more!

 Vows/Pre Marital Discovery. (Included but not required)  Creating personal vows is, of course, optional, but if you would like assistance with the writing of your personal vows I will help you through the process and be happy to take and look and make suggestions.

In addition, you may schedule up to two counseling or premarital discovery sessions at no charge. These are a non-confrontational and fun way for you to check in as a couple about life planning etc. Its also my opportunity get to know you better. About 80% of couples complete both of these sessions and have a great time participating. These sessions are also optional, but are included in your quoted price.

Your Customized Ceremony. I will submit your ceremony draft for review.l. There will be no surprises on your wedding day and you will k now the words I am saying and when I am saying them. You can make any changes you would like after you have received your draft and then we’ll finalize your ceremony.

Personal Share/Minister's Remarks. Most couples choose to have me share "remarks" during their ceremony which lasts about 5 minutes and is what really makes your ceremony personal (and guests and family love it). Nothing I say will be a surprise--you will have the opportunity to complete a specific "personal share" (together or separately) and any remarks will only be drawn from that and "love and marriage" tie-ins. Should you choose a scripture passage, I can also incorporate that (or any other secular reading).

Ceremonies typically run anywhere from 25-30 minutes from Processional to Recessional depending on whether there are readings, other mini-ceremonies, a remarks/sermon, etc. 

Final Review Meeting. This is a last meeting to review final details. This is usually a brief phone call to check in before the big day!

Your Ceremony Map. You will complete a final ceremony map which will firm up rehearsal times, your wedding party names and roles, the processional and recessional order (as we planned), your standing order, etc.

Your Rehearsal. You can expect to spend 30-60 minutes at rehearsal depending on the size of the wedding party and the complexity of the ceremony. I will run the rehearsal from start to finish and be sure that you, your wedding party, and your families are comfortable with their roles and their movement and placement before, during, and after the ceremony.

Your Wedding Day. I will arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your wedding and do a final check with your photographer, DJ or musician(s), venue rep, and you to be sure everything is ready for your beautiful wedding!

Details, details.  You will find that as we move through the process most of the details for your actual wedding will have been discussed and decided so that your wedding day is as joyful and worry-free as possible. From the time of my arrival until I leave, I’ve got it! I will be sure your marriage license is properly filed so you can begin to enjoy your new life together the second I pronounce you married.

If you have hired me, you have a full-service, professional officiant who will do much more than just “show up” to officiate your wedding. Your wedding ceremony deserves the attention we will give it, and it is my intention to make it enjoyable, beautiful and memorable. I know you’ll enjoy the process and I will guide you from start to finish to ensure your wedding ceremony reflects you as a couple and what you mean to each other.

I make myself as accessible as possible in whatever way is most convenient—text, email, phone calls, in-person. Scheduling is easy through my online booking and I will not “over-communicate” with you so you can handle all of the other details of your wedding.

I hope I have the opportunity to be a part of your big day!