Circumstantial Evidence / by SCOTT DEMARCO

When do you feel most powerful?

When do you feel most free?

I would guess that many would say one begets the other. We feel the most powerful when we feel the most free.

Any person, place, thing or idea that inhibits your freedom also inhibits your power, and the single greatest obstacle to your freedom is you.

Think about it. What stops you from living the life of your dreams? We all have our favorite “go-tos” whenever we think of what’s stopping us: money, family, health, age, or other circumstance. But the truth is these are all just that—circumstances.

Look at the Merriam-Webster definition of circumstance.

The meaning changes with perception—from something inevitable to something subordinate. Are our circumstances things that we can control? Change? Or do you believe that you have no control over the circumstances in your life?

It’s interesting that the root of the word circumstance is derived from “circum” or around and “stance” or stand. That which stands around us…or more aptly, that which we “stand around” and accept as the truth of our being. We are not talented enough, not worthy enough, not pretty enough, not creative enough, not smart enough, not…enough. It’s time we stop standing around and decide enough is enough.

The most powerful idea that most people can conceive is God. Who or what, after all, can restrict God? Is there anything that God is not free to do?

Here’s your big chance to separate from circumstance and join forces with the only true power. Everything we see and experience is subjective. Everything we see and experience is “subject to” the infinite. Everything we see and experience may be imagined differently. Make a new image. Make up something new.

People, places, things and ideas are subject to the freedom of choice that you have been given as your divine birthright.

No one but you can control how you think about any situation regardless of your circumstances.

Jesus knew it. The Buddha knew it.

So did those oppressed by “uncontrollable” circumstances like Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., Victor Frankl and Anne Frank.

If they could know it, you can know it.