Hiring an Officiant / by scottdemarco@msn.com

Brides spend an incredible amount of time and effort planning their wedding day. Keep the following in mind for a beautiful ceremony:

Whomever you hire as your officiant should be prepared to coordinate with the venue, musicians/DJ, sound/lighting and maître de as well as provide a procession outline and standing diagram. If your officiant is not providing this, be aware that it is necessary for a smooth and stress-free ceremony and will become apparent as the ceremony day approaches. I am a professional officiant and customarily do not do simple civil ceremonies. I tend to officiate customized full-scale weddings from the intimate to the grand, and provide comprehensive services for an exceptional ceremony. There are numerous details that I will handle for you including the coordination of attendants/bridal party, readers/”witnesses”, parents/family and ushers for the ceremony.