A Note About Being Your Officiant


Thanks again for your consideration for Officiant services!

What goes into a ceremony that I create and how do we work together on your wedding?

First, your wedding ceremony is something that should be unique to you, memorable for both you and your guests, and personal. I have over 100, 5-star reviews because I have chosen this as my avocation and spending the time to get to know the couples that I work with makes this a fantastic experience for both you and me. I know my couples personally and that relationship shows in your ceremony. I often run into DJ's or musicians who ask, "What will you say at the end of the ceremony so I can cue music?" While the presentation of the couple by name seems obvious, I hear story after story of officiants who (a) had no idea what the couple's name was, or (b) got it wrong.

When you are standing together exchanging vows and rings the world closes in and it's the two of you together and me. Feelings range from excitement, joy, laughter, tears, nervousness...and it's comforting for most to have their officiant feel like a friend there to support them rather than a stranger who showed up to read a fill-in-the-blank ceremony. The greatest compliment I can get is when guests ask me, "How do you know the couple?" when a ceremony is done.

Second, this is your wedding! You spend so much time and money on plans and experiences for your guests. This experience is yours and the process should be enriching for you as a couple. I include discovery sessions because I want you to participate. Couples are often surprised at how this time spent in a relaxing and fun setting is something they didn't know they needed. Sometimes my sessions last an extra hour and or more as we just talk and laugh and relax. Wedding planning can be stressful and this time together is important for you as a couple.

Third, your guests should love your ceremony as much as your flowers, band, food, etc. The time spent making that happen is why I choose to do this as a profession. This is not a part-time job for me and I have moved from full-time ministry to a new kind of "ministry" as an officiant. I love what I do, and that passion and excitement are things I know my clients feel. Again, this is the main event, the reason for the day, and I want to make sure it's something you remember as amazing.

So, while I am probably not the least expensive officiant, I do more than just be a justice-of-the-peace or a template officiant. If you want your ceremony to feel personal and touching (and often funny), then consider that this expense is still among the cheapest investments for the most personal experience.

I am always excited to begin ceremony planning with a couple and hope you will choose me to be your wedding officiant!

Warm regards,